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22 Nov 2014

Sweden, where Smörgåsbord, Bergman and the Ice Hotel were born.  Sweden is Midnight Sun and Northern Lights, high mountain ranges, pristine beaches, lakes, islands and sea. There`s elk, bear, wolf, lynx, sea-eagle and lemming. Go skiing, para sailing, river rafting, canoeing and horse back riding. Enjoy stunning architecture, first class cooking, a vibrant history and [...]


3 Apr 2014

Oresund & Cape Scania - Your gateway to Scandinavia  Oresund is where Danish dynamite meets Swedish organisation. The Oresund region, eastern Denmark and southern Sweden, is the most dynamic region in northern Europe. Here 3.6 million people live in an area half the size of Switzerland. It`s an international hub for high-tech companies and research organisations. [...]


3 Apr 2014

Denmark, country of Hamlet, "hygge" and maybe the best beer in the World?  This is a country of fairytale castles, thatched, half timbered houses, cosy royal licensed inns and pictureques villages. The perfect setting for HC Andersens famous tales. Try out a number of "smörrebröd" for lunch, small open faced sandwiches, brimful with mouthwatering delikatessen.  [...]


3 Apr 2014

Iceland, a splendid cocktail made of fire and ice.  Take one part of never sleeping Reykjavik, one part of the hot springs at Geysir and one part of the golden waterfall Gullfossen. Stir lightly and serve over glacier ice, while enjoying a hot bath in the Blue Lagoon during a fierce snowstorm. The next morning [...]


3 Apr 2014

Norway, home of the vikings, trolls and fjords.  Embark on a trip with Hurtigruten along the coast from Bergen in the south to Kirkenes on the Russian border and indulge in some of the most spectacular views in the world.  Journey into the breathtaking fjords, try staying in a "hytte", go whale watching at Lofoten, [...]


3 Apr 2014

Finland, land of a thousand lakes.  You probably come to Finland for the exquisite scenery, to visit Santa Claus, to study the world famous Finnish architecture and design, to go on your first ice breaker cruise, husky safari or maybe to finally take your reindeer driving permit.  But do also come to experience what living [...]